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The world’s most romantic spots

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we asked the Gekko community to tell us the most romantic spot they had ever been to. We had a great response with some brilliant suggestions, from tropical beaches in Thailand to a tiny hamlet in West Wales and even the Gatwick Express! We’re assured by the person that suggested it that they proposed on the Gatwick Express and they are not an overly passionate trainspotter.

The most romantic spots, in order of votes they received, are:

1. Loch Lomond, Scotland, United Kingdom
“Loch Lomond – very chilly but the weather was clear and sunny, just the sort of stunning setting to be huddled close to my partner!” Ewan McPherson
4* The Lodge On Loch Lomond Hotel – from £89 a night
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2. Venice, Italy
“Lost yet comforted by the sound of water, we stumbled upon a dead end street in Venice, over looking the Grand Canal. It had the most intimate feel, yet we were so close to the hustle and bustle.” Katherine Chu
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3. Lake Como, Italy
“Lake Como in Italy is the most romantic place I have ever visited. My husband and I went there to celebrate our 25th wedding annniversary. Everywhere you go, there are fabulous views of mountains, lake and gorgeous little towns and villages. It is so breathtakingly beautiful, that I nearly cried when I opened the curtains in the morning. The best place to stay is the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, the prettiest of all the little towns.” Debbie Vowles
5* Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, Lake Como
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4. Phuket, Thailand
“I went to Phuket and the Evason Spa Resort and got their island for a night for my girlfriend’s birthday whilst there. It’s a very chilled out place anyway with a beautiful infinity pool.” Stephen Leonard
Evason Phuket & Six Senses Spa – from £124 a night
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5. Istanbul, Turkey
“My most romantic spot was in Istanbul in the grounds of the Topkapi Palace sipping tea, overlooking the sea and watching all the boats go by.” Loud Daisy
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Let us know your most romantic spot below.

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Our ‘social mojo’ is Matchmaker. That’s spot on!

To tie in with the launch of their new home page, search giant Yahoo! has put together a quirky little tool to help you find what ‘your true Social Mojo‘.

What's your true social mojo?

What's your true social mojo?

All you need to do is drop in the username of your Twitter account, in our case GekkoHQ, and watch as you fly through its ‘scientific pipe thingy’. Simple!

And now for the results….

Gekko recommends you the perfect hotels and restaurants around the world by matching you with like-minded people so we’d say they were spot on!

Our social mojo is 'Matchmaker'. Spot on!

Our social mojo is 'Matchmaker'. Spot on!

Help us build our ‘social mojo’ by following us on Twitter or become a fan of Gekko on Facebook.

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