About Gekko

Gekko.com: The new way of finding the right hotel at the right price

Gekko.com is here to help you find your kind of place. We’ve started by making sure that you can quickly find a hotel that’s spot on for you. We’ll soon be adding restaurants and more to help you find the right place for every occasion.

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Find hotels you’ll love in an instant

Tired of trawling through hundreds of hotels to find one that’s right for you?
Gekko is here to solve the problem.

  • We’ve matched hotels in the world’s top cities on price, style and facilities. Choose a hotel you like in one of those cities and we’ll show you similar hotels in your chosen destination. We’re adding more hotels and cities every day. If you can’t think of a hotel, we can suggest one that matches your requirements.
  • If you’re looking for a hotel in a destination that’s not one our 40 top cities, you can still find hotels by picking the star rating, facilities and travel dates you require.
  • We do a real-time availability and price check, so you only see hotels that have rooms on the dates you’ve selected and real prices for those dates.

Compare hotels side by side

Add hotels to compare and cut the hassle of choosing the right one. See your shortlist of hotels side by side to compare price, location and facilities.

Book at the best price guaranteed

Once you’ve picked the right hotel, you can book with our partners Booking.com and Expedia.com, who guarantee the best rate on 70,000 hotels. We have partnered with 50 established travel companies to give you even more choice in the near future.

Find hotels you’ll love on Gekko


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