Bernie Madoff’s New York restaurant tips

Where do you celebrate ripping people off to the tune of $65 billion? Well, now we can see exactly what Gekko Spots monster fraudsters hang out at. This week a snapshot of Bernie Madoff’s American Express spending was released to the public, so not only can we see where he ate, but how much he spent, and more importantly, how much he tipped.

Now obviously, we know Bernie had eyes bigger than his stomach for many things, but his spending wasn’t as extravagant as one would imagine for someone who was splashing someone else’s cash for fun.

The Lure of moneyLure, SoHo
His favourite eatery was Lure, a classy seafood and sushi restaurant in New York’s SoHo. We wonder whether Bernie managed to stay away from Lure’s amazing cocktails as he racked up a respectable £830 bill in eight visits. Even more revealing is the fact that he only tipped 6%. Yup, Bernie’s a bit of a tightwad.

Steak out
Patroon, MidtownThankfully there is a good example of old fashioned splurging with a $2,000 meal at Patroon, which serves modern American cuisine in Midtown. That’s a whole lot of steak.

Bernie’s hot NYC tips:

Lure, SoHo
Contemporary American Seafood featuring an extensive raw bar and first class sushi program. The striking design is reminiscent of the interior of an elegant cruise ship.
Find out more about Lure

Patroon, Midtwon
A classic New York restaurant, owned by legendary restaurateur Ken Aretsky. Patroon offers superb contemporary American cuisine, warm, polished service and beautiful rooms.
Find out more about Patroon on Gekko

Dan Pilkington

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